It’s All About Soul with Katye Anna

Using her direct connection to the world of spirit Katye Anna will help you connect with your own soul, guides and the creative force within you. Through her books, classes, private mentoring sessions and retreats Katye Anna teaches how you can embrace the life your soul planned for you before you were born.

Whether you are new on rediscovering that you are an incarnated soul or have consciously journeyed for years on your soul path, we believe we offer resources; guidance and information which will help you bring forth the wisdom and guidance of your soul.

  • As a teacher of the soul, I know that I can help you bring forth the creative expression of your soul in your life.
  • As a teacher of soul I will teach you the things your tribe didn’t teach you.
  • As a teacher soul I will encourage you to embrace that you are 100% responsible for your life.
  • As a teacher of soul I will guide you, inspire you and encourage you to CONSCIOUSLY create an empowered soul guided life.
  • As a teacher of soul I will teach you have to create your life using The Three Spiritual Keys for Empowered Soulful Living.

I offer several pathways that will teach you how to fully step into creating the visions of your soul.

My Living From The Heart Retreat is a hands-on interactive   experience where you will be guided to release old outdated beliefs and patterns which are blocking you from fully embodying your soul.

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My Life Mastery Program is my signature year-long tele program which will give you the tools and resources you need to shift from creating your live unconsciously to a life created consciously and fueled by the wisdom and guidance of your soul.

My Mind Mastery  is my foundation program. Mind Mastery’s focus is teaching you how to catch and release old outdated beliefs and patterns that block you from fully stepping into and creating your life empowered by your soul.

We invite you to join our community. As our gift to get you started, here are a few free MP3’s:

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Katye Anna's Books

Katye Anna
Katye Anna
Birthing Into Spirit Is a Journey We Will All Take. Birthing into spirit embraces the process of dying as a part of the journey of the incarnated soul.
Katye Anna
Katye Anna
This book will assist you in understanding after soul love and after death communication. After reading this book we believe you will begin to look at life and death in a new way.
Katye Anna
Katye Anna
Do You Want to Live a Soul-Directed Life? If you’ve ever felt there’s something “more” to life than what you see, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Katye Anna Life Coach

Katye Anna
Katye Anna
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